Te Puke Times - 2021-11-25


For Vietnam experience


culture and preferences in dealing with conflict and communication. I think that now that I have a grasp on different cultural values and how they can mix and vary and I have a better understanding of behaviours around me.” ■ EJ Sigue: “It was a great opportunity. I have learnt so many things, but to list a few would be suspending our judgment, how to avoid offending others by being patient, understanding, empathetic, and informed. It has had such a positive effect on me.” ■ Whakaio Seymour: “I wanted to learn more about other cultures and how to act whenever our cultures intersect or conflict with one another. I have taken away many skills I can use in the future to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions between each of our cultures.” ■ Bella Ngawhika: “I wanted to grow international connections and learn about different cultures and the challenges people from other countries face. I have learnt how to get along with others with different beliefs and culture differences from me, also to be open minded going into different situations.” ■ Jaymie Buckton: “To make new connections and see how people from other countries live differently to us. I want to meet students from overseas despite New Zealand borders being close. I am interested to see the different foods they eat and different sports they enjoy.” About Education NZ


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