Napier Courier - 2021-10-13


Grab a Jab – Get Vaccinated!


With the possibility of returning to Level One freedoms seeming increasingly remote now that the latest Delta outbreak is spreading outside of Auckland, we have had to cancel our October Grey Power meeting. While we all miss getting together and enjoying each other’s company on these occasions, following health regulations and protecting our members’ safety must be our top priority. The introduction of the vaccine passports may enable us to meet safely in November and enjoy our Christmas Luncheon later that month, but it’s too early to call as yet. In the meantime we can, as our city’s senior citizens, reduce the effects of the virus by being vaccinated ourselves and by supporting family members in becoming similarly protected. National vaccination rates for those of us 65 and older lead the country with 92.3 per cent for one dose, and 82.2 per cent fully vaxxed (Ministry of Health figures) which is encouraging. However, though vaccination dramatically reduces our chances of serious illness and hospitalisation should we catch the virus, it can still make us sick and able to infect others. None of us are safe until all of us are safe, so having all those around us vaccinated provides vital protection. As well as being vaccinated ourselves, we still have a role to play in encouraging hesitant family members and friends to get vaccinated and in turn reduce everyone’s chances of getting sick. We know our children and grandchildren care about our well-being, and their getting vaccinated means that vulnerable members of the community – ourselves included – are less likely to get Covid-19, spread it and end up in hospital. Talking gently to hesitant children or grandchildren, showing empathy for their concerns but explaining how their being vaccinated will put a level of protection around them and their loved ones, including us, could help persuade them to take this step. There are walk-in and drive-in opportunities in Napier for all eligible persons to get vaccinated now. If you haven’t already, please get vaccinated – for yourself, your family and the community. Maxine Boag Publicity Officer, Napier Grey Power


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