Hastings Leader - 2021-11-24


No more moaning about mowing as lithium power beckons


— Megan Banks

Hold the phone. I’m going electric, or lithium battery to be more precise. I’ve decided one of the purchases we are going to use our wishing well wedding money on is . . . a lawnmower! Words I never thought would come out of my mouth; however, with age comes wisdom. And with age comes the inability to start any kind of power tool that requires a pull- thingy thing to start the motor. Also known as a recoil start. Unmowed lawns are my bugbear and while thankfully, our lawn isn’t on display in the street as we are down the back, it still causes me great concern. Not enough to mow it myself, but concern nonetheless. I’ve even been known to cancel social gatherings at ours because him indoors hasn’t had time to do the lawns. Him indoors is now my legally wedded husband, and he’s also a very busy man who works a lot. His hours at home are not conducive to lawnmowing hours, no one wants to be that neighbour that cranks the lawnmower at 10pm right. So I’ve decided instead of moaning about it, I will mow about it. And to do that I need the latest fandangled equipment so that’s why I’m down with lithium. My vacuum cleaner is battery operated and sure, you get only 20 minutes out of it, but I’m over vacuuming by then so it’s actually perfect. I’m sure the same will apply to our lawns. My problem now, though, is which lawnmower to buy, and should we also go the whole hog and get the rest of the gardening batteryoperated tools to go with it? Do we really need a bush trimmer, yes is my answer, I could do with one. Or is the lawn edger/weed whacker more useful? In our neighbourhood where edges are sharper than our New World knives, again the answer is yes! I am a bit concerned, though, that if we do purchase easy-to-use battery- operated tools, then him indoors will never come outdoors to mow, prune and weed whack again, and it will be another job to add to my list. But hey, at least I won’t have sprained my back trying to start it and, more importantly, friends can come over again. I’m thinking with all of this outdoor work, I should also add an outdoor wine fridge to the wedding present list to balance it all out, right?!


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