CHB Mail - 2021-10-14


Make your call for Super Saturday


For most of us, helping fight Covid means scanning in, sanitising, wearing a mask, social distancing and getting vaccinated. But this Friday there’s a chance to do even more. Wairarapa MP Kieran McAnulty and Central Hawke’s Bay mayor Alex Walker have teamed up to create a “community phone bank” for two hours on Friday evening, October 15, inviting volunteers to help boost CHB’s Covid-19 vaccination rates. The aim of the exercise is to share information about Super Saturday vaccinations — a national day of action on Saturday, October 16. Mayor Walker says it’s a great opportunity for CHB to work together, “reaching out to ensure as many people as possible are aware of how they can access vaccinations”. Kieran McAnulty says a lot of people want to help out in the fight against Covid-19 but they don’t know how. “This is a friendly and supportive way to help. “I have a phone list made up from our electoral roll database. We’re inviting people to bring a cellphone and help out. We will show them how to disable caller ID so they feel safe, and we’ll run through a script approved by the DHB so we all feel comfortable with what we’ll be saying . . . then together we’ll make as many calls as we can.” Kieran says the CHB District Council has provided the venue: The CHB Municipal Theatre, and has helped spread the word. “We might get 10 people along to help, or we might get 100. The more the merrier and the more phone numbers we will get through. Whether it’s a big group or a small group it’s all going to help.” Supper will be put on for the busy volunteers. “It’s a good way to get the community together and for people to make a difference, to feel like they are doing their part. We will be contacting people right across the district. If they aren’t vaccinated we will let them know how where they can get vaccinated leading up to and on Super Saturday. If they are already vaccinated we can have a chat to them about how they can talk to those they know that aren’t vaccinated — or they can give us their number and we will contact them,” says Kieran. “Our health sector have been doing a stellar job and here’s our chance to get behind them.” The CHB phone bank will be at the CHB Municipal Theatre, Kenilworth St Waipawa, on Friday, October 15 from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.


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